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Our Services

The CJ Glam team includes a variety of highly experienced professionals in a multitude of industries across the UK and Africa. Have a look at our innovative services below or simply email us at and 07551692243 (WhatsApp) for more information.

Business Strategy

Does your strategy guide how you allocate resources? Can every employee articulate your strategy, and do they have what they need to execute it? Our expert services will help you:

  • Achieve consistent, long-term growth
  • Make key decisions on where to play and how to win
  • Develop digital strategies that deliver
  • Leverage the power of proven tools and techniques


CJ Glam can help you unlock the potential in your business! You will benefit from our tremendous business knowledge, vision and experience, which our business consultants directly tailor to your organisation. We provide expert, independent services whilst bringing leadership, vision & focus. Innovative, practical solutions on how to implement agreed strategies and action plans

Digital Innovation

We help Companies, Corporate Boards and Top Management Teams succeed in exploring and implementing digitally influenced business strategies for their business. Our focus is to not only ensure exposure to new digital business opportunities but also help in shaping our clients’ business transformation agenda beyond the current business scope through our unique experiences and services. Get in touch - at and 07551692243 (WhatsApp)


A business run correctly, organised and primed for a future potential sale is always a far more attractive proposition than one that is not to investors and businesses alike. There are many steps you can take to maximise the value of your business, facilitate a smooth transaction and ensure its ongoing success – timing really is key to exit planning. Our succession planning experts can help you to:

  • Achieve clarity of vision for your business
  • Establish a track record of growth in profitability
  • Build a management team that can succeed without you
  • Establish robust systems and procedures built on best practice
  • Become free from excessive debt

We can help you get a clear idea of where your business needs to be if and when you exit, where you are currently positioned and finally, what you need to do to bridge that gap.

Events & Networking

We bring businesses together to create strong corporate partnerships via our website, network, connections and experience. We provide high calibre business connections via focused, tailored events and media platforms and already work with some amazing brands worldwide. We help businesses in organising purpose-filled, successful events.
Email us to add your UK African themed event for FREE or contact us at and 07551692243 (WhatsApp) so we can help you with all the finer details such as research, location find, catering, ticketing and more.

Contact us!

If you want to take advantage of any or all of the listed services, please don't hesitate to contact us:

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  • Whatsapp us on: 07551692243

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  • We are more than happy to help you with whatever question you may have and to look at ways we can support you as you build your business