AfroNation Portugal – Who is SMADE

AfroNation Portugal – Who is SMADE

In other events this week, AfroNation took place for the first time on the beaches of Portimao, Portugal, widely regarded as the first festival to celebrate the African Diaspora.


In its debut year in 2019, the “historic” four days featured live music from Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania, Jamaica, UK, the US and more and was all organised by a Nigerian promoter from Dagenham, named SMADE.


SMADE, real name Adesegun Adeosun Jr, conceived the idea in May last year, inspired by a vision of creating an “unforgettable experience” that would “celebrate love, peace, unity and the beauty of African culture”. Along with his friend and business partner, Obi Asika, they began to build a “strong team of people” and swiftly began preparations for the first ever African such event of its kind.


But with a saturated festival market, he knew there would be pressure to pull Afro Nation off. Before the festival, many had compared it to the likes of failed urban music festivals, Fyre Festival and VestiVille. The racial undertones of the criticism, SMADE says, made him more determined for it to be a success. “This year we have already seen tons of festivals which failed. Also, we had a lot of doubters and naysayers,” he says. “Sometimes black people don’t like to support one another until it is successful.” he says.


Having attended ourselves and also spoken to, many of the 20000 attendees, the event can only be deemed as a huge success. Additionally, it was interesting to see people show up from all 4 corners of the world rather than just UK or African fans which only added to the atmosphere and buzz!


Let us remind you again that this is the very first time something like this has ever been happened and organisers such as SMADE (Adesegun Adeosun Jr) put all the sceptics and critics to shame. Afro Nation was executed in the most professional and modern way, pleasing both fans and guest stars alike. It did what it said it would and has since clearly created a precedent for major black festivals in Europe and beyond.

AfroNation is expanding its horizons after a successful 1st event and taking its party atmosphere to Ghana this December. If our experience of their 1st event is anything to go by then we can only expect a fantastic atmosphere and an event that will be long lasting in people’s memory for years to come. We will continue to support any space that celebrates black people for future generations on our website and AfroNation and SWADE are doing exactly that – Celebrating Africa at its finest!

In the year Stormzy was praised for being the youngest black male to headline Glastonbury and spread the rhythm of Grime music, Afro Nation has unequivocally proven, that there are many talented black artists, often ignored by the mainstream, who are more than ready to grace main stages in the UK and beyond.

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