Andolja by CJ Glam

Our Fashion Brand

CJ Glam is an online marketplace in the UK offering premium fashion from around the world for men, women and children.

Our CJ Glam fashion line of contemporary clothing inspired by all cultures around the globe enables our customers to find those unique apparel pieces they can’t find anywhere else online or in their communities.

We also offer an exclusive virtual or in-person styling sessions and a wardrobe consultancy service.

The CJ Glam Mission

CJ Glam is an independently owned and operated London based business founded in 2017 with the key vision of addressing the cultural and business needs of individuals and families, first in the UK and around the world.

We offer a self-branded selection of multicultural inspired contemporary fashions, an innovative, user-friendly multi-vendor fashion marketplace and a cutting-edge business directory and networking platform which enables businesses and entrepreneurs to access important resources they need to become successful while travelled away from home.

CJ Glam is family based, founded on the guiding principles passed down by their much-loved mom and dad, Cecilia and Jonson.

Kindness. Passion. Equality. Charity. Honesty. Humility.

It’s these values that are at the core of the CJ Glam brand and will continue to guide our actions and decisions.

About CJ Glam

With an online platform designed to be a one-stop resource for our contemporary, fast paced generation. CJ Glam brings together a wide range of lifestyle products and services, ranging from fashion, homes and décor, arts and crafts, through to business directories, services and networking.

Our purpose is to strengthen multicultural, family and friendship values within our communities, by bringing together, resources and providers that promote and sustain these values, irrespective of where we come from originally or where life takes us.

We want our communities to be full of people who will celebrate themselves and others by discovering who they are and living it. In this way we can contribute possibly to a better and brighter future for everyone.

Furo Jogolo

CJ Glam Marketplace

Our online marketplace is a bespoke platform that bring our shoppers a wide range of fashion, home ware, arts and craft, lifestyle, hair and beauty, and more, products and services from across the world and from multicultural backgrounds.

It doesn’t matter where you are from or what country your products are based, CJ Glam serves to promote your heritage and bring you home away from home.

Visit our marketplace page and learn how to become one of our priced vendors.

What Makes CJ Glam Different?

CJGlam offers a wide range of products and services for our customers and our networking partners including:

Fashion Brand

CJ Glam Own Fashion Brand - Andolja


CJ Glam Marketplace


CJGlam Business Directory


Network with like minded businesses

CJ Glam

Discover - Celebrate...YOU


Our company is built on the ethos and values of openness and transparency with all our partners no matter their backgrounds.


Our suppliers are all carefully selected ensuring all our products are ethically sourced.


CJ GLam provides the opportunity for all businesses to join our online networking community.

Business Directory & Events

CJ Glam provides a business directory for all culture-inspired businesses in the UK and rest of the world. Our innovative online directory and networking platform was designed to help business owners create lasting business-to-business, customers-to-businesses and business-to-customers connections.

We make it easy for our users to find quality local businesses or traders that will meet their needs when it comes to culture and familiy. Beyond the directory function, our unique platform allows businesses to receive bookings and advertise their events and services online.

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