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Our Mission


Our aim is to support existing and upcoming African inspired fashion providers in meeting this current fast paced demand. With a space on our platform, reach the world safely and affordably, and start winning!

Your Benefits: Our Priority

No listing fees

No Monthly Charges

Low and affordable commission per sale only

Reliable Tools

Manage, promote and grow your business.

High Integrity Support

Our friendly and knowledgeable support team are available 24/7 to help you set-up and run your shop.


SSL-encrypted platform, security specialists and fraud detection systems to protect you and your buyers 24/7.

Seller Protection

How it works:

Register on the CJGlam marketplace Step one: Complete the short form we will send to you Step two: Upload the images of what you want to sell Step three: These will go through our quality control team for review. Don’t worry if your images are not strong enough, as long as your products are original and genuine, we can support you in setting up at least to our minimum standard before opening your shop.
Set up your shop Step four: You will automatically receive the setup manual in your welcome package, quite easy, however, our support team will be there for you 24/7
Start selling and making your profits! Step five:

Step 1

Register on the CJGlam marketplace

Step 2

Complete the store-creation wizard

Step 3

Upload the images of what you want to sell

Step 4

Set up your store

Step 5

Start selling and making your profits

Store features


  • Your store front will be fully editable and you will be able to build your own branded look

  • Your store can have up to five images per product allowing you valued opportunities to demonstrate all aspects of the item.

  • You will have the opportunity to link your storefront to your social channels in order to increase your marketplace network

  • There will be an opportunity for you to have your own Marketplace blog, a great tool for marketing your products and standing out at the CJGlam marketplace community

  • Your shop contents can be translated into multiple languages, allowing you to reach potential customers located at various lingual capabilities

  • Use our App to manage orders, edit listings and respond to buyers instantly, from anywhere.

  • Access detailed statistics about your shop’s performance to help you increase your sales.

  • Create a sale or coupon to catch the eye of shoppers or reach them right in their inboxes with a targeted offer.


  • Advance to more shop growing features with £6.5 monthly or £40 yearly plan

  • Enjoy immediate real-time chats with your customers and put their minds at rest as they purchase from you

  • Our verification tool benefits you by connecting your social profiles to your storefront and also tell your customers that you have a verified address and contact number. With this feature, your customers will be more comfortable trusting you and ultimately buying from you.

  • Take control of your shop’s look with customisable options, including new banner templates and featured listing options that put your products in the spotlight.

  • Our tools take the work off you by automatically generating emails and updates to your registered customers about your newly adopted products

  • Get a free store address for a year – enhancing the way your business is perceived and making it easier for customers to find you

  • Grow your following with our follow store tool, your customers can follow you if they like your products and want to stay updated.

  • Our tools take the guesswork out of crafting the perfect posts for Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or Instagram.

  • Boost your visibility by reaching shoppers on CJGlam with our advertising tool

  • Enjoy the invaluable benefits of CJGlam Premium Package on CJGlam Business Networking Directory, connect and ally there with other like-minded businesses that will grow your sales to the next levels


Buy wholesale:

  • Get access to thousands of trusted manufacturers across the world
  • Discover some of Africa’s best up-and-coming products.
  • Enjoy a large variety of products and low prices
  • Benefit from our flexible payment scheme – see our terms.

How to set up your store

First, create a CJglam account via the sign-up link here:

Then fill in the form below:

All registered business to be approved first - 1 hour to 24 hours

Fees and Payment

  • You will not be paying any listing fees
  • There will be a commission of between 10% and 20% on every sale you make, depending on your product type and quantity sold. This charge includes your transaction fees, card charges and a token commission to us.
  • Shipping cost will be covered by you – While setting up your shop, you will find various shipping options and you will be able to integrate your choice into your selling plans and pricing
      • You will need to have a paypal business account
      • On order of your products following your confirmation, the payment will be directly deposited into your virtual wallet, with automatic deductions of the charges and commissions.
      • You can then withdraw from your wallet to your desired account at any time using Paypal, a debit card or a bank transfer.
      • All payments will be in your local currency, no matter how buyers pay.
      • All sales processed qualify for our Seller Protection Policy. Our payment specialists and fraud-detection systems work around the clock to support and protect you.
      • Your customers can pay you through paypal, or worldpay.
      • Worldpay will provide you safe and efficient ways of conducting transactions with your customers globally. Below are some key features you will find:
        • Payment by cards are processed and authorized.
        • Your card details are submitted on your own payment page and then sent to Worldpay for authorization, meaning your customers never need to leave your site.
        • Worldpay offers a virtual terminal that lets you take payments from customers over the phone, or from computers or tablets.
        • Real-time reporting helps to keep track of all payments made.
        • Worldpay includes fraud & risk management, subscription & recurring payments, alternative payment methods such as e-wallets and bank transfer, currency conversion & language translation, and data & analytics.
        • Fraud prevention: WorldPay risk management tool monitors each transaction and will alert you to anything suspicious. Worldpay takes the hassle out of data compliance, handling sensitive card details via our secure servers and sending you an anonymised ‘token’.