The Gomesi, a Dress steeped in mystery & history!

The Gomesi, a Dress steeped in mystery & history!

The Gomesi, a traditional dress steeped in mystery and history!

What is a Gomesi:

The gomesi is a full length traditional colourful garment (also called a Busuuti) or even gown worn by Ugandan women for very special occasions such as weddings, graduations, baptisms and other traditional events. It is the considered the national costume for women in Uganda whilst the Kanzu is the Traditional male attire.


Uganda is a beautiful country full of vibrant people that celebrate their customs and heritage. They we consider customary marriage (kwanjula or Kuhungira) a “must” and there is always one thing that stands out during kwanjula- the bridal dress, the Gomesi. The gomesi is culture – it is about who Ugandan people are and cannot be replaced by any western fashion. It is worn with a sense of pride and individuality.

How was it created:

The gomesi was originally made out of bark cloth. The fabric changed to cotton when Christian missionaries commissioned tailors to produce the dress for the girls attending their schools. The sash is said to have been added by an Indian tailor.

Is it widely used?

Uganda is known for its diversity of about 56 tribes, but nonetheless the gomesi is still the most worn traditional attire throughout the country. That’s mostly because it is the official traditional wear for Baganda- the largest of the 56 Ugandan tribes.

Gomesi 2019 styles

A gomesi can be work in many different variation and styles. The entire ensemble of the gomesi is very fashion forward, and trendy.  Most gomesi trending colours of 2019 include Cream, Gold, Pink, Peach, Pink, Peach, Gold, Grey and White and black. Black is one of those colours that says “less is more!” and if styled appropriately can make you stand out.

Have a look at the #Gomesi hashtag on Instagram with thousands of posts and give it a try yourself. Time to celebrate your Ugandan or simply African roots with a unique and appealing dress that will definitely flatter you and leave an impression to your friends and family this New year.

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