Trending African women hairstyles in 2019

Trending African women hairstyles in 2019

Trending African women hairstyles in 2019

Hair is of course important to all women but when it comes to African women, hair is more than just important. Historically, many cultures in continental Africa developed hairstyles that defined status, or/and identity in regard to age, ethnicity, wealth, social rank, marital status, religion, fertility, adulthood and death. Hair was carefully groomed by those who understood the aesthetic standard, as the social implications of hair grooming were and still are a significant part of community life.

A hairstyle is an African woman’s crowning glory and as such we have dedicated some time to provide you with the latest hairstyles and fashion tips from industry gurus on this year.

  1. Long Faux-Loc Braids

Ideally perfect for summer period and matching with that golden, shining tan to wow everyone this summer. Try them out and send us a photo.

  1. Criss Cross Braids

This is one of our favourite styles. Thick and chunky cornrow braids, (also known as goddess braids) are ideal for you need to give your hair that well needed rest or when you are heading to a vacation. The braids are fairly easy to take out, do not take long to do and the strands do not need daily styling.

  1. East African Feed-In braids

Feed in braids have always been popular amongst East African women! They are very commonly used by celebrities and fairly easy to do.  They are considered a protective hairstyle, vital when trying to grow out your hair and prevent hair damage.

  1. Fulani Braids

Fulani braids originated from Fula people in Africa. They are characterised by their unique styling patterns as well as versatility and ease to maintain. Commonly used with beads and by adults or kids alike.

  1. Hair jewellery

Hair jewellery has always been in fashion but is even more prevalent nowadays especially in African styles. You can perfect those gorgeous updos with your hair jewellery or even hair jewels! You’ll find most will come with a little something extra, whether it’s a few florals, elegant designs and crystals attached so make sure to match them with your outfit.

Have you tried any of the styles above? Is there perhaps a style you believe we should add for 2019?

Drop us a comment below or simply email us with your photo so we can add it to our article.


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